An experience like no other, set to bring the SummerSalt site to life.

Take an irreverent journey


Adventurers on this interactive experience will take an irreverent journey through the Southbank precinct, using a unique smartphone application with the newest location aware technology, which interacts with a street-art adorned path.

Participants will attempt to follow the misadventures of one of three different characters (Simon the Seagull, Brenda and Järrréd) as they retrace their steps taken on an evening of misperceptions and mix ups that they’d rather forget.

Digital traces of the characters’ previous night will combine with real world clues in a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, multi-grouse trip through an augmented reality, both real and digital.

Working with writer and illustrator Nick Lewis of Turd Circus fame, Sour Times creators, Sandpit, have created an experience like no other, set to bring the SummerSalt site to life during the festival. Like a messier version of the likes of ‘Dude, Where’s My Car participants will discover fragments of audio, animation and text, intercept phone calls and watch animated reconstructions of run-ins their ‘suspects’ had the night before via their mobiles.

These digital elements will be complemented by real world clues in the form of posters, stencils, to custom-designed garbage on the footpath. The audience will travel through hidden paths and secret locations throughout the SummerSalt festivities.

Get your skates on and see what you can uncover.

Time to get started!

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Commissioned and Presented by SummerSalt Outdoor Arts Festival




  • 23 Jan — 21 Feb
  • FREE

Event Information

Download Sour Times from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Tour begins from the corner of Southbank Boulevard and Dodds St.

Contains Adult Themes
Parental Guidance Recommended, 15+

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