Dog gone it! ACCA is going to the dogs!

Dog gone it!
ACCA is going to the dogs!


The impresario of shaggy art and purloined merchandise, Anastasia Klose, will turn ACCA’s forecourt into a ‘pawcourt’ with her new project ‘Farnsworth’s Republic for Dogs': an off leash play environment for four legged folk and their human friends.

During the last 2 weeks of February 2015 ACCA will be a howling success of dog meets and greets as dogs have their day (morning and nights) in the sun. Access to ‘Farnsworth’s Republic for Dogs’ will be permitted for those holding a valid ‘pawsport’ (obtainable at the gate) special visas are available for human companions. Luxury beds, fun runs, and all manner of entertainments will be available for the republic citizenry. A cafe will run throughout the 2-week event with what else? Hot dogs and other delectables.

Anastasia Klose is interested in finding new ways to express the experience of her everyday life. She believes in using herself as a human specimen, and continually looks for ways to translate her own personal experiences into art. Primarily known for her imovie video art, Klose also draws, writes poetry and enjoys art and performance. Her art is DIY, and not slick. Favourite subjects are love (all varieties), romantic rejection, boredom, that everyday sense of defeat, and animals.

Farnsworth is a Basset Hound.

Presented by ACCA in association with SummerSalt Outdoor Arts festival 

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Event Information

Farnsworth’s Republic for Dogs will run from Monday 16 Feb until Saturday 28 Feb.

7am – 9pm