Snuff Puppets present EVERYBODY
Georgina Ross_Everybody
Jeff Busby_Everybody

“Everybody is a grand experiment, a manifestation, celebration and liberation” – Andy Freer, Snuff Puppets Artistic Director

Surreal and visceral beauty


Australia’s radical large-scale puppet company, Snuff Puppets, have built the biggest human puppet in the world, measuring in at 26.19m!

Everybody is an interactive installation and roaming puppet performance that will surprise and delight unsuspecting audiences, liberating people from the ordinary and mundane. Onlookers will be encouraged to interact with, and even sit on the body while performers/puppeteers activate the huge living puppet at regular intervals, performing in and around it in a multitude of giant human body part and organ puppets.

“Everybody is a grand experiment, a manifestation, celebration and liberation. I wanted to experiment with the theatre of the human body, the drama, the metaphor and the magic. I want to take our audience to a place they could never have imagined. A place that celebrates the human body in all its surreal and visceral beauty, that liberates us from the banal and ordinary to the wonder and extraordinariness that is everybody, every human body, Everybody” – Andy Freer, Snuff Puppets Artistic Director

History of the Project

The company’s sold-out premiere season of Everybody (November, 2012) featured the genesis of the giant human puppet ‘Everybody’ with detachable giant parts including a mouth, eye, nose, ear, foot, guts and even poo.

Now Everybody has grown. Snuff Puppets have been toiling away in their Footscray laboratory, where Everybody has been laid out on the slab. They’ve grown giant skin cultures to stretch over bamboo bones, pumped air into inflatable lungs and injected blood through a giant, beating heart. Intestines have been strewn across tables and shiny, soft hair has been spun from a giant loom. Now, Everybody is ready to emerge from its visceral chrysalis and finally taking centre-stage as the biggest human puppet in the world!

Premiering as an outdoor installation

Presented by SummerSalt Outdoor Arts Festival 


Event Information

Friday 13 Feb
5pm – 8.30pm

Saturday 14 Feb
10am – 12pm (Please note: this performance will not go ahead due to continual wet weather)
5pm – 8.30pm

Sunday 15 Feb
11am – 1pm

Parental Guidance Recommended for evening performances

Conceived, Designed and Directed by Andy Freer
Sound Design Rosalind Hall
Projection Design Eben Greaves
Lighting Design Katrina Chandra
Photo credits Georgina Ross and Jeff Busby

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